Saturday, March 15, 2008

Third Day Rocks Duluth!

Last night, I saw a fantastic show! Headliners Third Day with new band Revive, DecembeRadio and Sanctus Real. One of the things I love about Third Day is the way they turn a concert into a worship service. (Of course there are many other things to love! LOL) They encourage everyone to dance and sing along. Also, I found out that holding up your cell phone has replaced waving cigarette lighters. Welcome to the new millennium!
As an aside, I always get homesick for Georgia listening to Mac Powell talk. The band is from Atlanta just like I am!
When Mac was introducing all of the band members, he said, "There are 3 defining moments in history: the discovery of fire, the invention of the submarine, and the musical styling of Dr. Mark Lee!" That just cracked me up! I would add a fourth: Stampin' Up!

This is a band from Australia called Revive. They opened for Third Day in Australia, and the band invited them to come to America. So they live in Atlanta now, too! They were very friendly. I got high fives when I told them I'm from Atlanta. And the lead singer invited the whole audience to stay at his mum's house if/when we visit Down Under!
This is my friend and downline, Rhonda, with the lead singer of DecembeRadio, Josh. We saw them last summer at Higher Ground too. They are a great, hard-rocking band! Josh shook our hands and introduced himself to us, and the whole band signed Rhonda's CD. They were just as friendly at Higher Ground.
Sanctus Real is one of Daniel's favorite bands. He hasn't seen them in concert yet, and he had to work last night. He was so bummed! I bought him their new CD last night and got the lead singer's autograph. When I told him about Daniel, he said, "Tell him I said hi and that we missed having him here." Isn't that sweet?

I'll have the Saturday challenge up later today. I've gotta get stamping first!

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