Saturday, August 18, 2007

Rained Out at Higher Ground

Getting ready to hit the road on Friday morning

DecembeRadio. When we were at the autograph table, the lead singer introduced himself to me and shook my hand!
Rhonda and I had our photo taken with Building 429.

The lead singer of Superchic[k]. They were totally rockin'! They sang a great song for girls about how you need a guy like you need a bowling ball dropped on your head.

Third Day closed out the day, and they were awesome as always.

Definitely less energy than we started the day with!
We met at the church at 9 AM. We took a while to get going, and we got to the festival about 1:45. It was a great day: 75 degrees and overcast. There were a few sprinkles during Superchic[k], but that was all. Third Day finished up about 11:30, and it was about 12:30AM by the time we got to the motel. Rhonda was in a room with the girls, and I was with the boys. The alarm went off in our room at 6 AM!! We woke up to rain with a forecast that it would continue all day and into tomorrow. So we decided to head home. We went to the Mall of America, and it was a zoo! It took us forever to get in and get parked. Daniel and Sean went to see The Bourne Ultimatum. The girls shopped. Rhonda and I went to a few clothing stores and Archiver's. I felt guilty shopping there! I only bought 2 things: a huge wooden clothespin and a flip album with a built-in stand. I'll post when I'm done with them. Then it took us almost an hour to get out of the mall parking ramp! We stopped at Arby's for supper and pulled into the church parking lot a little after 9PM. I'm really looking forward to sleeping in my own bed; I slept on an air mattress last night!
I promise I will stamp tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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HigherGround said...

Thanks for coming out to Higher Ground. We love to put on the festival. Sorry for the rain :(