Saturday, August 4, 2007

Beate's One Sheet Box

This cute box was created by Beate Johns. Her blog link is to the right, and here's the direct link for directions for the box: The best thing about this box to me was the topper and the way the little flower holds it closed. I sent this project to my mama and her friends, but they had trouble figuring out how the box was put together. So I thought I'd post a few pics to help out.
This is the completed piece before assembly.

This is how it folds together on the inside. Beate left hers unadhered, but I decided to adhere the flaps on each side. This helps the box stay closed too.

Here's what it looks like with the flaps adhered on both sides. You do have to push the sides in some in order to close the box. You could also leave off the flower piece and punch holes in each tall side and tie it closed.

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