Saturday, July 7, 2007

Daniel Update

Well, I still haven't heard from that dang son of mine! Several other parents have had a phone call, and one had an e-mail too. Yesterday, they were in Florence and saw Michelangelo's David. Then they drove to Venice and swam in the Adriatic Sea. Today was spent in Venice. I can track him by his debit card use now. He ate at a Chef Express and took out cash at an ATM. There are no secrets in this technological age! LOL!

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Anonymous said...

Jana - I found you thanks to google. It's Val, your old college friend!!! I would love to catch up and see how life is treating you. You can look up my phone number on - just put my first and last name (back to my maiden name) and GA as the state, and it will show you my home number. Hope to hear from you soon Big Spooner! Val (I'm also a scrapbooker/card maker and stamper!)