Thursday, July 12, 2007

Daniel called!

Daniel finally called this morning a little after 6:00. I had posted on our parents forum that I hadn't heard from him, and he said one of the girls told him to call me! He said he was going to call anyway, but I only have his word for that... He said the castle was the highlight so far; it was as good as explosions. I thought at first he was saying there were explosions, so I'm glad I got that straightened out! They weren't able to do the homestays, so they are at a guesthouse instead. It's apparently like a mansion with a soccer field and game room. One of the other parents posted that there will be a dance tonight. I guess I'm not too surprised that Daniel didn't mention that!
My cable is out since the windstorm on Tuesday, so I should definitely get some stamping done tonight! I started one card, but it needs some tweaking to make it just right. I'll do my best to post something tonight.

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