Friday, July 24, 2009

3-D card how-tos

A while back, I posted a fun 3-D card that folds flat. Check it out here. Today, I'm sharing how you can make one for yourself.

Start with an 8X8 piece of cardstock; here I've used Soft Suede textured cardstock. (I like to use the textured cardstock because it's a little thinner than regular cardstock.) Score the cardstock at 4" in both directions. Fold the cardstock along the score lines. In the upper right quadrant of the cardstock, score a line from the center to the outer corner. Fold along this score line in a mountain fold. Cut from the center of the cardstock down to the bottom. (You can see the folds and the cut in the photo.)
Grab the lower right quadrant of the cardstock and slide it under the lower left quadrant until they line up, and adhere them together. This will pull the card into the 3-D shape so it looks like a box with 2 sides cut away. Decorate the inside as desired. I adhered a 3 3/4" piece of cardstock to the bottom and both sides of my original card. On the side with the fold, only adhere the cardstock to the top triangle. That way, you can fold the card flat without folding the inner decorated piece of cardstock. (Look at my original post to see what I mean; I have a photo showing it partially closed.)
Feel free to e-mail me or comment if you have any questions. If you make this card, please post a link so I can enjoy it too!
Happy stamping!


Kathy W said...

ok so trying this!

karin said...

This is super cool...tfs!