Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Photos for Jake

My nephew, Jacob, is going to college in New York City, and he wasn't able to be with us for Thanksgiving. So here are some photos for you, Jakey, so you'll know what happened and how much we missed you!

We're all waiting patiently for Shirley's delicious dinner. Shirley, Larry and Teddy sat at the card table off to the right of the photo.

L to R: Dane, Daniel, Loretta, Mike, and Scott.

Shirley set a place for Jake at the table without even realizing it until everyone sat down. This is Jake's spot.
Teddy celebrated his 3rd birthday today. He was very excited because he got his very own cards. (Emmerts LOVE to play cards!)
Teddy blows out the candles. He helped Shirley make the cake and the frosting.

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