Sunday, October 14, 2007

Something A Little Different

This is a gift bag made out of a sheet of designer paper. This is all the rage on SCS, and it was a 3D Demo challenge a couple of weeks ago. I was all excited, thinking it sounded really cool. Now that I've made the bag, I'm wondering what the heck I would use it for. The bag is 5" across by 4" tall. A CD won't even fit into it. Plus, it's actually a tube folded in half so there's 2 sides to the bag. It seems a little weird to me. What would you put in it? I would love your suggestions! I think I'm going to try to modify the directions to make it bigger. I'll keep you posted!


Anonymous said...

How about putting some candy in it :-)?

Carol G. said...

Could you change the dimensions so it would be more the shape of a lunch sack ~ then you could fit more popcorn, candy, or Bath and Body works gifty stuff in it...? You could always just send it to me...;-))