Sunday, October 28, 2007

Awesome Rockin' Concert!

Last night, we went to a fantastic concert here in Duluth. Thousand Foot Krutch, BarlowGirl and TobyMac played at the DECC. It was in the arena where they usually hold hockey games. All of the floor area was standing only. There were about 4000 people there, which was one of their biggest shows.Linda, Sean, Daniel (hiding behind Sean!), Linda and Joe
Thousand Foot Krutch. I couldn't get a good photo of them, unfortunately. They were hard-rocking!

BarlowGirl. They are sisters and play their own instruments. For this particular song, the drummer is out singing. The sister on the right plays both guitar and keyboard, often in the same song!

TobyMac had an awesome stage set-up. At one point, a ceiling tile fell down onto the stage!

Toby is second from the left. All of the band members are so talented! They dance as well as sing, and some of them rap. It was full out for an hour and a half. Toby is my age, and I loved when they did a medley of songs from the 70s: Play That Funky Music White Boy, LeFreak, That's The Way. I felt like I was back in junior high!

This is a great shot of the stage and crowd. During the encore, the lights spelled out Jesus Freak.

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