Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cropadile Refresher

Last week's 3D demo challenge was calendar bookmarks. Some genius on SCS came up with these little calendars and was able to fit 5 on a page! I decided to stamp over each month with the little flower from Fresh Cuts, and I used the new In Colors. 2008 is on one side and 2009 is on the other. The white piece is 7 1/2 X either 2 1/8 or 2 1/16 depending on the piece. The Kraft cardstock is 8 1/2 X 2 1/2, so I got 4 of those from one sheet. I used the scallop border punch on the corners. Got that from Andrea Walford's blog. I used the Cropadile to punch the hole at the top and set the eyelet. (See photos below) Then I added 12 inches of Kraft taffeta ribbon in place of a tassel. I'll be giving these to all of my regular customers along with their new catalog. Hopefully, they will be shipping any day now (*fingers crossed*)!
Here is the Cropadile. The big part in the middle is the eyelet setter. Notice that the left side says "top" and has a little picture of an eyelet on it to show you which way the eyelet goes. The right side says "base"; it is the part that rolls back the flanges on the eyelet. The black cubes in the center are adjustable for different sizes of eyelets as well as for snaps. I saved the backing from my package so I have the reference for the different settings. The things on either side down by the handles are hole punches. One is 1/8" (for regular eyelets) and one is 3/16" (for jumbo eyelets). They are labeled with the size, and each one has an adjustable guide. In this photo, they are both set at 1/2". This is great when you want to line up a row of holes or when you are using it for dry embossing.
When you squeeze the handles together, it sets an eyelet as well as punches holes on both sides. This baby can punch through tin and CDs!
Tip of the day: When setting a jumbo eyelet, I squeeze the handles twice. The first time, it rolls the flanges partway down like in the above photo.
When I squeeze the second time, it rolls the flanges down more. You can give it a really good squeeze for this one. (Sorry for the blurry photo!)
If you have any Cropadile questions, please comment or e-mail me!
Happy stamping!


Emily said...

Awesome calendar Jana! I love the flowers stamped over each month. Thanks for the crop-a-dile tips. I really should get one!

Diane said...

What a cute little calendar bookmark! And those tips are wonderful TFS!