Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Decor Elements are awesome!

Here is what the Flourishes looks like on my wall. It is so cool!! I love the Chocolate Chip on my pale plum wall. This is the smallest flourish and flower. I have to wait to put the bigger ones around my window because I have stuff up against the walls, so I can't get to it with a stepstool.
This is what the sheet looks like. This one is 15 X 17 1/2. (Sorry you have to see my feet!) The sheet comes rolled up in a cardboard tube to keep it nice. There's also a direction sheet. The other side of the sheet has a grid on it, sort of like Contact paper. (There is an applicator that you purchase separately for only $1.95, but a Pampered Chef pot scraper would work too if you have one of those.) I cut out the flourish and turned it grid side up then scraped the applicator over it to adhere the design to the sticky front sheet.
Here is where I am removing the backing sheet. Like a rub-on, it's easy to stop and scrape again if the vinyl isn't sticking down. In fact, when I was working with the flower, one petal wouldn't adhere to the front sheet, so I just used my fingernail to pull the edge loose from the backing sheet.
Then you stick it to the wall. You only have one shot at this, but you can see through the sheet which helps with placement. I trimmed away the edge on the lower right of the photo because I wanted the edge of the flourish to be right up against the switchplate. I even stuck the edge of the front sheet under the edge of the switchplate.
Once it's on the wall, you use the applicator to scrape over the design to adhere it to the wall. Again, it's easy to stop and scrape again if part of it isn't adhering. Then you press the design down firmly with your fingers to make sure the whole thing is stuck down.
The catalog and directions say not to use it on textured walls. However, I have light texture on my walls, and I had no trouble with them at all.
As soon as I get the others up over my window, I'll post pictures.


Marilyn said...

Aren't those Decor Elements fun! Great idea to use over a light switch! Cute cards with the new sets too - masking is always a fun technique - thanks for sharing!

Nicola said...

They look great on your wall.


Tiffany Bauer said...

This one is awesome!!!! I wondered how it would come so thanks for sharing that with us!!! I just put one of mine that I ordered up in my scrap room. It was soooo easy to do and looks great. If I do say so myself!!!LOL!!!