Thursday, April 24, 2008

More from Milwaukee

One of my favorite things about Regional is all of the display boards that they have. I really like that I get to see TONS of projects to get ideas from. They always have a board just for the set that you receive. This is the board for So Much. I think this set is really versatile!
Here is a display board for Live Your Dream from the Occasions Mini. Three of the projects we made used this set. I love it! I'm having a huge debate with myself over whether or not to get this with one of my SAB free sets I earned. (Feel free to give me your opinion: Should I go ahead and get Live Your Dream or wait to see if I like something better from the Preview?)
Tip of the day: Heat set whenever you use craft ink! When I was working on my second swap card, I was covering quite a few stars with craft ink. I always heat set anything that I use craft ink on, and the photo above shows why. The top half of the star has been heat set; the bottom half has not. Heat setting dries the ink on the surface of your project instead of allowing the ink to settle down into it. This means that the color is truer when you heat set. This is especially true of the Soft Subtles for some reason, but as you can see above, it works for any color.
Happy stamping!


Marilyn said...

Thanks for sharing these - I appreciate so much being able to see the cards they've made. I have the So Much set and haven't used it much, I printed off the picture you provided and hope to get busy with this set soon!

Sandi Berg said...

great tip! I like that you show the two parts together on the star.

Jennifer Orbaker said...

Very cool pictures!