Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Had a blast in Milwaukee!

Milwaukee was awesome! It took Rhonda and me about 7 hours to drive there. We stopped a couple of times along the way, and it rained most of the time. Our hotel, the Hyatt Regency, was very swank, and there was a skywalk connecting it to the convention center. We drove down on Friday. After we arrived, we ordered pizza and garlic cheese bread from a local pizza place. No dieting on this trip! LOL Here we are working hard. (I'm on the left, and Rhonda's on the right, in case you don't know us!) We saw our up-up-upline Sandi and our sideline Lori too. We sat with some really nice ladies from Illinois. The woman who sat next to me knows who I am from SCS and my blog, so now I'm famous! LOL Her SCS name is triplef; I can't remember her real name! Triplef, if you send me your address, I'll RAK you.
We did some great projects. Three of them used Live Your Dream from the Occasions Mini, which I don't have yet. It's a SU conspiracy to get me to buy it! I really like the free set we got. It's called So Much. I wouldn't have bought it before, but I think I will use it a lot.
I swapped 25 of the faux silk card, which only took about 10 minutes! The other 2 cards were for SCS swaps. We did those at lunch. It was so fun to meet some of the other SCSers in person. I met newdemo, s1itcher46, michellewilliams, and GWTW Junkie. I know there were others, but it was all a blur after a while! Kim (s1itcher46) made our nametags, and she has hosted several swaps that I have been in. I gave GWTW Junkie a Scarlett O'Hara button that I had brought along. We GWTW fans have to stick together!

Shelli Gardner wasn't there, but I did get to have my picture taken with Jaron Winder and Lori Olaveson. If you've ever been to an SU event, you know that Jaron is hilarious! I met Lori Olaveson at her first SU regional in Atlanta back in March of 2005. She remembered meeting my mom and me; how cool is that?
I took tons of pictures of the display boards. And all of the projects that we saw demonstrated were awesome! Since there was only one regional instead of the usual two, we had 4 workshop wows from demonstrators. I'm already planning things to try, and hopefully I'll get them done this week!
Saturday night, we had an SCS dinner at John Hawk's pub. Traciac was kind enough to organize it, and JustmeinIN was there along with Mary Ann (I can't remember her SCS name). On Sunday, we drove back in beautiful weather. We stopped for lunch in Eau Claire, and it was 60 degrees! We ate at Fazoli's (YUM!), and again, no dieting on this trip! It was cold and cloudy when we got back to Duluth, though.
Keep checking back for more photos, and hopefully, I'll have some things of my own to show.
Happy stamping!


Jennifer Orbaker said...

Looks like you had a great time! Love your swaps.

Erin... said...

sounds like you had a great time!!

cindy Major said...

I love Jaron and Lori - they're both great and so nice!