Saturday, September 20, 2008


I was able to get the internet hooked up on Daniel's computer, so I can post again! Whoohoo! Let's celebrate with a tutorial! First, though, here is a picture of Rhonda last night at craft night. She used hemp twine to tie her hair back. It was so cute!
The tutorial for today is for a lip balm holder. Those of you who know me or have been reading my blog for a while know that my MIL, Shirley, is an Avon lady. Last year I made lip balm holders for her to give her customers at Christmas.
When Rhonda and I were at Regional in Milwaukee in April, a demonstrator made a little box using the Print Pattern background stamp. Rhonda suggested it could be a lip balm holder. I had to lengthen it, but it worked! Well, I really didn't want to stamp that 20 times, so I took apart the one I had made and converted it to standard measurements. I even wrote them down!

First, I wheeled a full sheet of cardstock. (Here I've used the retired Wild Wasabi cardstock, Garden Green ink, and the Scandinavian wheel from the upcoming Holiday Mini.) Each lip balm holder is 3 3/4 X 5 1/2, so you can get 4 from one sheet of cardstock. Place one 3 3/4" side against the top of your cutter and score every 3/4". This divides the piece into 5 equal sections.

Next, I turned the piece over (plain side up) and put the 5 1/2" edge against the top of the cutter. I lined it up at 4 1/2 and used a pen to make a little mark across each score line and at the top and the bottom. I made the marks inside the area where the blade would normally score or cut. Then I flipped the cardstock 180 degrees and did the same thing again. This made all of the marks 1" in from each edge.

Then I used the 1/4" square punch to make a diamond shaped hole where each mark was. (Fold on the score line and line the punch up as shown above with the mark in the center.) I also punched a triangle on each edge.
I used sticky strip to adhere the box together; two of the sections overlap to form the box. The punched holes make notches to hold the ribbon in place when you tie the ends of the box shut. 8" of ribbon is the perfect length for each end.
I'm going to stamp the star from the coordinating stamp set, Scandinavian Season, and emboss it in gold for Shirley to use as a little tag.
I think this would also be cute to hold a lipstick or some small candy.
Happy stamping!


Carol said...

Hi Jana:
Thanks for the neat tutorial! Why do I never think to use my wheels. That was a good reminder. Glad to have you back on-line!

Emily said...

Thanks for the great tutorial Jana! The lip balm holder is so cute! Thanks for reminding me of my wheels too =).

Sharon Graham said...

This is fantastic. It's such a cute way to give an inexpensive little gift.

Kathy W said...

yeah she is back!!! very clever, I have seen this box for treats- but make it longer for lipbalm holder-very clever Jana!

Anonymous said...

Cute! I too forget about my wheels! Very nice.

Deb said...

I'm glad your internet is back! Thanks for the great tutorial!

Marilyn said...

So excited for you that your internet is back!! Great tutorial too - thanks for sharing!!

Laura Brown said...

Too cute! Great idea.

Beedubya said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I'm glad you got your interenet back. Man, I was without for a whole week once and I thought I would die...well...not really. Suffer, at most.

Kim said...

I love reading tutorials - thanks for sharing.