Monday, May 5, 2008

Ribbon weaving tutorial

Here is a ribbon-weaving tutorial for those of you who can't access Kristina Werner's awesome video. This ribbon is retired. It is from the Pretty Ribbon Originals in last year's Spring Mini. I used Pretty in Pink cardstock. You will need 8 pieces of ribbon--4 for each direction. Measure the width of your ribbon and multiply by 4 then add about an inch to figure out the length you need. Since this ribbon has a decorative edge, I laid the ribbon on my cutter to figure out the size of cardstock I need. In this case, it is 2 1/4" square.
I put adhesive on all four sides of the square right at the edge then laid the square on top of the ribbon. A great tip I picked up from Kristina's video is to adhere the top and bottom pieces of ribbon first and then center the middle two pieces.
Here you can see where I've stuck down the pieces of ribbon and added a mini glue dot in each corner where the ribbon pieces will overlap. I pull the ribbon pretty tight because you will have a little flexibility in the cardstock when weaving.
Now start weaving. You can either adhere each piece as you go or weave all 4 and then adhere them all at the end. Again, I did the top and bottom pieces first then filled in the two middle pieces.
Here is the finished piece. I haven't used it on a project yet. Since this ribbon is smoother, I might try some rub-ons.
Happy stamping!


Marilyn said...

This is a great tutorial Jana!! I just love this technique - let me know how the rub-ons go - I haven't been brave enough to try that yet!!

kraftykathy1 said...

great instructions! I might just have to cut up some ribbon and give it go

Rhonda L said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial. I kept wanting to do this but it seemed too difficult!! I might actually be able to do this!!