Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm going to be on TV!

On Wednesday, I taped a segment for a cooking show at our local PBS station. A few times a year, they ask viewers to submit recipes for a cookbook. The one I submitted for is "B is for Beef." To my amazement, they called and asked if I would come in to cook on TV! They create a show with some of the recipes that they show during pledge drives. If you live in northeast Minnesota, the show will air on WDSE (8.1 and 31.1) on Saturday March 6 and Sunday March 21 at noon (both days). Here I am with Juli Kellner, the host, after we were done taping. I got to keep the apron, and they will send me a copy of the cookbook too.
Here are the last of my Valentine candy boxes. Two of them are for men, so I used the reverse side of the glittery paper. The box on the upper left is smaller because I have a smaller box of candy in there; it's Jelly Belly jelly beans. It's really just the front and back that are smaller; just decide how tall you want the box to be, add that size again for the back and add 3/4" for the width at the top.
Happy stamping!
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Dawn said...

That's SO cool - congratulations!

Marilyn Goodrich said...

Woohoo Jana!! Congrats on your television debut! :-)

Sharon Graham said...

Totally cool! You're not only a fabulous stamper, you're a star! Are you allowed to share your recipe?

Kathy W said...

okay you can cook and stamp?!! congrats so fun.