Monday, April 20, 2009

Never ending card!

Today's project is the never ending card. It's so amazing! Today I'll show you all of the views of the card, and tomorrow I'll post how to make it.
Here is the first view of the card. I think you can tell that it opens in the center. You fold both sides back.

Here's the top view of how it looks with the two sides folded back.

That reveals this on the inside! Next, you fold the top cupcake up and the bottom cupcake down.

Here is the third view! Now, fold it open in the center.

Here's how it looks when you're opening it.

Here is the 4th and final view. I left the bottom panel blank to write my message. This panel has a horizontal opening.

Here's how it looks as you open it to reveal the front panel again! Is this cool or what?
Happy stamping!


Traci G said...

wow!!! Very cool! Can't wait till tomorrow!!

p.s. I figured out my watermark. Thanks for your help!!!!

Marilyn said...

This is amazing Jana - I think I would've given up on the first part! Whoever is the recipient of this card will have a ton of fun with it!