Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fun stamping day!

On Saturday, I got up at 5AM to drive down to the Cities and hang out with my stamping friends Laurie Zoellmer and Dawn Olchefske. Dawn was kind enough to let me attend her downline event, and it was amazing! We made 16 cards using Summer Mini stamp sets. (OK, I didn't finish 4 of them, but I will, I promise!)
Here is the card Laurie made for swaps. She gave me one even though I didn't swap! I'm sure you already visit their blogs, but here's where to find them in case you missed them somehow: Laurie's Stampin' Spot and DOstamping with Dawn.
Happy stamping!
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Superglew! said...

Sounds like an amazing trip, Jana! How thoughtful of Dawn to let you join in the fun.

Dawn O (dostamping) said...

Jana - It was so fun having you at our meeting. You're welcome anytime!!

Laurie Zoellmer said...

Hi Jana! Sorry for the late response here, I am a bit behind on reading my Google It was SO MUCH FUN having you there with us, hope you can come again!!!

Kathy W said...

always so much fun to hang out and stamp with friends