Monday, January 17, 2011


You may be wondering: what is aebleskiver? Aebelskiver are Danish pancake balls. They are made in a special pan with round indentations in it . I was lucky enough to receive an aebelskiver pan as a gift! (They carry them at Target here in Duluth. The pan label calls them pancake poppers.) Along with the pan, I received 2 types of pancake mix (blueberry multigrain and chocolate raspberry) with some real maple syrup. I made my first batch of blueberry on Sunday, and they were a big hit!
You melt a little butter in the pan and add the batter. Let it brown and then use skewers to flip it over to brown on the other side.
Here's the finished product. Next time, I'm going to try chocolate raspberry with cheesecake filling. Yum!
I'll have a stamping project for you on Wednesday.
Happy eating and happy stamping!
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Anonymous said...

Oh, my, they look Yummy.
They would good with my morning coffee right now.

Sharon Graham said...

We love these. Thanks for the reminder about them. May have to pull out the pan tomorrow.