Friday, September 17, 2010

Making a mat for the decorative label punch

Like I said in Wednesday's post, I saw this done on the northshorestamper blog. She has a great video, but I couldn't see exactly how to cut the pieces. Hopefully these photos will help.
To make the mat, punch the decorative label twice. Cut one in half horizontally and cut the other in half vertically.
As you can see in the above photo, I took the one that was cut in half vertically (on the left) and cut at an angle from the middle of the top and bottom "bumps" to the center of the cut edge. For the one cut in half horizontally (on the right), I cut off the side bumps completely.

Next I took the longer pieces and adhered them to the back of a whole punched piece.

Next, I adhered the side pieces, lining up the partial "bumps" with the edges of the top and bottom pieces. This photo shows the back of the piece so you can see how the edges line up.
Happy stamping!

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Sharon Graham said...

Great idea. I just got that and wanted to figure out how to make a mat. Thanks for thinking for me...Hmm, how's that for a sentiment on a card. Rather than "thinking of you" it could be "thinking for you." Okay, yeah, long day and I'm goofier than normal.