Friday, April 9, 2010

Milwaukee swap # 2

When I saw the new Awash with Flowers stamp set, I knew right away that it would be a great set to use for the chalkboard technique.  For the chalkboard technique, start with dark cardstock (I use black or navy).  Stamp a solid image in Whisper White and color it with chalk; I use a cotton swab with a dabbing motion.  I try not to swirl it too much so I don't rub off the chalk I've just put on.  Then stamp the outline over the chalk image using Whisper White.  Doesn't it look just like it was drawn on a chalkboard?  TIP:  I did the Bashful Blue flowers first including the whte outline so that when I stamped the Rose Red flowers, the BB flower stem would disappear behind the RR flower.  (Learned that one the hard way, LOL)
As for the rest of the card, this is a shadowbox card.  It's 3-D but flattens for mailing, and it's a standard card size.  Cut your 2 pieces of cardstock to 4 1/4 X 5 1/2.  Then score 1/2" and 1" from each end.  After you've completed your stamping and cut the hole out of the front piece, adhere the 2 ends using Sticky Strip.  (I also folded along the score lines before adhering.)
To cut the hole out of the center, I used my standard paper cutter.  Don't forget that the piece that holds the cutting blade also has a ruler on it, so you can start and stop the cutting blade anywhere you want!  I made a 1/2" frame all the way around, so here's how I cut it.  First, I lined up the cardstock with the long side up against the top.  Then I lined up the edge at 1 1/2" and cut from 1/2" to 3 3/4".  I flipped the cardstock 180 degrees and repeated the same cut.  Next, I lined up the cardstock with the shorter side up against the top, lined up the edge at 3 3/4" and cut from 1 1/2" to 4".  Flip the cardstock and repeat.  It is really easy to see where the cut lines stop and start so you can match them up.  I also found that I could feel when the cutting blade hit the cut line.
Happy stamping!

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Superglew! said...

Hey Jana! Now that the Regional is almost here, I couldn't resist checking out your blog. This is very cool. I've tried the shadow box before, but didn't have the patience to get it right. Yours looks awesome.

Kathy W said...

this one gave me an wowzer from first click on it