Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another easy card

This card is even easier than the pink one because there's no stamping on it. The sentiment and swirl come pre-printed on the acetate! I was limited on this one by how wide the ribbon could be without covering up the Thank You. I probably should have used a narrower ribbon, but I just love the Kiwi Kiss satin ribbon, so I couldn't resist using it.
I promise that I'll have something cool and 3-D for you on Friday!
Happy stamping!


Jenn D said...

This is really pretty. I still haven't gotten the clear sheets or printed ones but I'll have to.

I look forward to meeting you in a few weeks as well!

Beth Fox said...

You are selling me on a window sheet class with all these cute cards! Love the colors.

Kathy W said...

such an enabler, might get these after all your great projects!

Laura Brown said...

I have to get my window sheets out next week and get some cards made. Thanks for the inspiration.