Saturday, February 2, 2008

Are you up for a challenge?

As I was going through my cardstock this week to see what I needed to order, I noticed that there are some colors that I tend to use a lot and some I use rarely if ever. Sage Shadow is a perfect example of that. I've just never liked that color. For some colors though, there's no particular reason why I don't use them.
So I am challenging you (and myself): Make a card or other project using a color that you rarely if ever use. As a bonus, use a stamp set that you rarely if ever use or haven't used for a long time.
I'll be playing today, and I'll post my card here later. If you post yours on your blog or in your SCS gallery, leave me a link here! And if you like the challenge and want me to continue, let me know.
Happy stamping!

1 comment:

SIGI said...

Good idea Jana ~ I hope to get something created for this challenge soon. I could even add "use a set that has never seen ink...!"
~ Carol G.