Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Double challenge card

Today's card was for two different challenges. One was for this month's WICKED challenge. My good friend Susie Nelson is our WICKED stamper this month. One of her challenges was to make Diana Gibbs' faux tin ceiling. I was able to use a piece I had embossed using Rhonda's cuttlebug. What a fun technique!
The other challenge is this week's Workshop Wow challenge: the forkbow. I saw this demonstrated at regional this spring, and yes, you use a fork to make the perfect bow. That's how I made the bow on yesterday's card. TIP: Taffeta works best for the forkbow because it's thin and pliable.
This card is a redo of a card I just made a few weeks ago, and we also made it at my workshop last week. The other change in the card is that we used thumping to add more color and depth to the hydrangea.
Here is my photo tutorial for the forkbow.

First of all, you need a fork with an even number of tines. The size of the fork will determine the size of the bow. The fork in the picture is the meat fork that came with my silverware. Start with 12" or so of ribbon (longer ribbon if you use a bigger fork). Fold it in half with one half in front of the fork and the other half behind the fork. The back part should be a little longer than the front.

You will always work with the same piece of ribbon, which starts out as the back piece. Bring it around to the front of the fork and put it through the center slot below the front piece.

Pull it tight.

Bring that piece up and back through the center slot again (this time you're bringing it from the back to the front).

Tie it nice and tight. I found that the bow will lay better if you pull the two ends vertical (straight up and down) after the first tie but before knotting.

Slide it off the fork. Here is your finished bow. You can cut the ends short or wrap the extra ribbon around your cardstock.
Happy stamping!
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Marilyn Goodrich said...

Gorgeous Jana! I love the faux tin ceiling :-) And the depth of color on the hydrangea is beautiful!!

dining table said...

Wow, I never think of that. Thank you for sharing those very useful tips. I hope that you will post more helpful topic.

Debbi said...

I love the embossed tin. I really need to try this. I am giving you 2 blog awards. You can find them here: http://debbisdesign.blogspot.com/p/blog-awards.html


Kathy W said...

Whoa- so cool going to go check this technique out